Church Camp Ideas

The church camps are a great way for the congregation to meet outside the church. The camps are a sure way for the young and old to engage each other in a secure environment. The church camps offer the campers a chance for enlightenment in religious matters and also to have fun while there are at it.

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There are various activities one can engage while in a church camp, like bible study. This is an important aspect of the camp for it facilitates spiritual growth. Bible study in camps can be done through game quiz question. This is where the campers are allowed to chose teams and engage each other in a supervised contest to show their mastery of the Bible. This will prove to be a good way for the campers to improve on their communication skills, and other social skills. It is a fine way for the camper to brush up on their knowledge of the bible.

The campers are blessed with many skill sets and it would be unfair if not exploited; therefore, the camp should have concert and crafts. The camp coordinator should organize the campers in practice groups and encourage them to try out. Most campers are usually shy, but with a little incentive they will participate ensuring the discovery of new talent and having of fun in the process. The camp should also offer worship exercises where the campers are given an opportunity to sing for their peers.

The benefit of fit body cannot be understated. The camp is supposed to have physical activities that the campers are sure to enjoy. These activities include; hiking, fishing and games, depending on the location of the camp. The activities will enable the camper to grow both mentally and physically. Hiking offers a good exercise and also gives the campers a chance to interact with their surroundings. It enables the camper to learn the benefits of the environment and ways of protecting it. Fishing will also give the campers a sufficient knowledge of marine life and their benefit to the ecosystem, ensuring a sustainable and peace existence with nature. Games are also very important for they ensure the nurturing of values such as sharing and healthy competition.

During the evenings, the camp coordinator can organize camp fires. This will give the campers an opportunity to group together and share their experiences with one another. Apart from sharing experiences and encouraging each other the camper will also learn useful life lessons. In addition to this the camp coordinator can also invite guest speakers to the camp to educate the campers on the various ways one should conduct himself in relation to the society and valuable bible lessons.

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Finally the camp can have a cookout. This is where the campers are given the opportunity to prepare meals in the open. The camp coordinator should provide a Rota which is inclusive of all the church members for different days of meal preparation. This will enable the campers to learn responsibility in a fun way. All in all, the church camp should offer healthy environment for the campers to interact, make friends and on top of it all learn useful life lessons through fun filled activities.

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